Beginners Guide: My Top 4 Easy To Grow Veggies

Gardens are not made by singing and sitting in the shade, especially if you want to grow veggies. But that said, veggie gardens are suitable for all experience levels so newbies, you need not freak out! When you’re just a beginner it’s best to start simple and easy.

Better Homes & Gardens has a simple guide to starting a veggie garden and keep reading below for some top easy growing veggie ideas that any gardener can plant today.


Spinach is a delicious addition to soup, salads, and omelets. It is enriched in iron and can help women prone to anemia as well. It also contains antioxidant means it will give you a youthful glowing skin.

Purchase spinach seedlings or seeds and plant them in early spring. Spinach is easy to grown but requires a lot of moisture so water well in the morning and evening. I tend to choose smooth leafed spinach (often known as baby leaf) because it grows faster.


This aromatic herb is one of my favorites so I couldn’t stop myself from listing it here. Basil is easy to grow and is a great accompaniment to tomato plants. Buy seeds instead of seedlings as they are fragile and can get damaged easily. Sow seeds 2 to 5 centimeters apart from each other and then cover the seeds with 2 – 4-inch compost or soil. Water well but do not over saturate. Make sure your Basil plants get at least 6 hours of sunlight.


Tomato’s are another easy to grow veggie and are ideal planted with basil as they require similar levels of water and sunlight. Basil also helps keep bugs off your tomato plants. I like to grow cherry tomatos but choose any type you like. Seedlings work well but tomatos are also easy to grow from seed.


Cilantro can be a good alternative to basil, a tasty addition to fish dished or salads. The best time to plant cilantro is late spring as it won’t survive extreme frost or heat. Just plant it directly in the soil, seeds spacing should be 2 – 5 inches apart. Do not water directly as the seeds may displace, instead use a spray bottle to lightly mist the soil. Make sure your plant gets 4 – 5 hours of sunlight every day.

Harvest the goodness of fresh veggies right from the backyard or balcony of your home starting with these simple vegetables today.