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August 22, 2016

Goodbye Feedburner, Hello MailChimp!

After nearly seven years of using Feedburner for my blog’s email and RSS delivery option, I’ve finally made the switch to MailChimp.

Goodbye Feedburner
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I've had this on my to-do list for a really long time, close to two years to be exact. Have you ever had one of those lists? You know, the one that you keep adding stuff to that you feel is important, and that one little project that you feel isn't that important, keeps getting pushed further and further down the list. What with having two surgeries in the last two years, plus dealing with the illnesses that caused me to have those surgeries, making that kind of big change didn't seem all that necessary at the time.

Now that I am on the road to recovery though, it seemed like the perfect time to make the switch. Why switch? Well, after rebranding my blog and updating the design, I felt it was the perfect time to take that leap. New blog design, new email delivery system too! Plus, MailChimp is more flexible, eye appealing, and I can publish more than just blog updates within the email if needed.

To Do List

Anyone who currently receives my blog posts by email won't need to do anything. Your emails will continue to arrive, as you already opted-in to receive them from Feedburner. I simply transferred your current subscription to MailChimp, so no further action on your part is required. As a thank you to my loyal readers, I'd like to send you a copy of my Menu Planning 101 Guide. (I'll be emailing the link for the guide in a separate email in the next few days). In it you'll find an easy, but comprehensive guide on how and why you should make a weekly or monthly menu. Not only will it help you see at a glance what you have planned for meals, but save money too. No more last minute runs to the store for forgotten ingredients, or picking up something from the drive-thru, because you forgot to defrost meat for that nights meal.

Thank You Note

The Menu Planning 101 Guide guide won't be available to anyone else, except for my weekly newsletter subscribers. I made this option available for those who prefer a weekly email, instead of one every time I write a post. I'll also be sharing other content in the newsletter that won't be available anywhere else, like delicious recipes and fun DIY craft links from some of my favorite bloggers, frugal tips and more. You can sign up for it in the right sidebar.

Till next time!

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