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April 15, 2016

Walgreens Dry Spray VoxBox - AXE® Adrenaline Antiperspirant Review #DoDeoBetter

This isn't my usual type of blog post, but my husband recently started using AXE® Adrenaline Antiperspirant Dry Spray, and he liked it so much that I wanted to share our experience with it.

My husband Joe has always been a stick deodorant type of guy. Not because he particularly liked it, but because it was easy to use. He hated how long it took to dry though, and usually used the underarm area of his shirt to wipe it in once he put his shirt on.

So when Influenster recently sent me a Walgreens Dry Spray VoxBox containing a complimentary AXE® Adrenaline Antiperspirant Dry Spray, he was excited to see that it was a product he could try out. (I wouldn't have minded having the women's version to try, but I didn't get picked for that one unfortunately). :( My husband thoroughly put it to the test for a month before he gave me his final opinion, so when I say he put this antiperspirant through it's paces, I'm not kidding.

Walgreens was well stocked with AXE® Adrenaline Antiperspirant Dry Spray.


  • First, the thing he liked about it the most, was that it sprayed on dry. This was huge for him, as he's always hated how his underarms seemed to take forever to dry with his usual deodorant. Not with AXE® Antiperspirant Dry Spray. It went on dry from the get-go, and kept him dry and fresh all day. My husband runs a small engine/appliance repair shop and works hard all day. He put this deodorant on for the first time after his nightly shower, and by the end of the next day after putting in a full days work, he still felt dry, and we could both still smell the Iced Mint and Spicy Ginger scent this product has. This impressed us, as my husband sweats a lot as he works, and really needs that nightly shower at the end of the day.

  • Second, it doesn't leave a white residue on his shirts. Whenever I washed my husbands work shirts in the past, which are black or blue, they always had a white residue on the inner underarm area. There was none of that with this deodorant. When they say it sprays on dry, they mean it.

  • Third, he liked the neat little twist top it has. A quick turn to the right opens up the spray nozzle. and closes back for neat storage when turned back to the left. While that doesn't have anything to do with the effectiveness of the product, he really liked not having to mess with a removable lid.


  • While my husband likes this antiperspirant, there is one thing that kept us from giving it 5 stars, the strength of the scent. The first time my husband used it, he was in a small bathroom with the door closed, and the smell was pretty intense. (To the point where he had to open the door and step out of the bathroom for fresh air). So while it smells good, and the scent lasts all day, we strongly advise that you apply it in a well ventilated area.

Over all my husband and I give this product 4 out of 5 stars. My husband will be using this brand from now on since it works so great. In fact, once it's time to buy deodorant again for myself, I'll be trying their version for women.

Have you tried AXE® Adrenaline Dry Spray Antiperspirant?

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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