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May 21, 2013

Clean Your Microwave The Easy Way

The microwave is one of those appliances that can slip by our clean-it list. Since the door is almost always closed the dirtiness that lurks in there can go unnoticed for quite some time. Luckily the microwave can be cleaned with very minimal effort.  There is no need to reach for a harsh cleaner either, steam clean your microwave instead!

  • Take a microwave safe bowl and fill it half full with water. Add the juice of a lemon. Set it inside and turn the microwave on for 5 minutes. The water will turn to steam and the steam will soften up all those food spills and splatters. The lemon helps to absorb the smells. Once it finishes, let it sit for two minutes with the door closed.
  • Carefully remove the bowl as the water will be extremely hot. Also remove the turn plate. Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth, everything should come off easily.
  • Wash turn plate in warm soapy water, dry and return to the microwave.

Voila, your microwave is now squeaky clean!

My microwave is very old, but due to regular cleanings and my husband's handyman work on it, it works perfectly, and looks good for a 20 year old model!

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  1. We quit using the microwave for anything but warming plates and serving dishes and rice bags so it is always clean!

  2. Sharon Powless5/17/2013 11:22 AM

    I clean my microwave the same way. Mine is 22 years old. It works great too. I have only had it serviced once. It wasn't working and I think it was not too long after we got it. The man from the store came out. By that time I had it working again. I had a napkin too close to the microwave and it was in between the door and the microwave when I closed the door. Because there wasn't a seal the microwave wouldn't work. He was amazed and asked if he could use that as a selling point. To be safe he changed the mother board but there was nothing really wrong with it. We use ours all the time.

  3. Great tip!! I totally do this, minus the lemon, what a great idea! I will have to try it-Thanks!

  4. I love this, April. Have used it many, many times (including today). Perfect!


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